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The fact is that women having excess weight have it deposited mainly on the thighs, and the men have fat settling in the abdomen, often under the skin and even deeper, around the internal organs. They are squeezed, and their work is trouble Adipose tissue is an endocrine organ; it releases estrogen actively. Accordingly, when weight gain occurs in the body, they are overproduced. For women it is not useful, but is physiological to some extent. For men, the excess of estrogen is dangerous, especially taking into consideration that the accumulation of adipose tissue leads to lower levels of the male sex hormone testosterone. As a result a man gets problems in sexual life, endocrine infertility. But this is only the tip of the iceberg: testosterone deficiency negatively affects the state of the kidneys, liver, bones, increases the risk of depression.

Recently the number of obese men has grown up, especially in urban areas. Experts attribute this to a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. The boys are told that handsomeness is not the main thing, but ability to earn money and to be successful is. That’s why a man in a hurry does not limit himself in food.

An 18 year-old boy eats a huge plate of food without getting stouter. He has an active metabolism, and his energy consumption is high. At the age of 25 the rate of metabolism begins to decline and physical activity is replaced with an office job. But man never stops taking his big portions and gradually turns into a flabby paunchy man.

The way to prevent such a development is simple: you need to reduce portions, make sure that the daily caloric intake does not exceed 2,500 kcal.

Most men do not need a strict diet. It is enough to reduce fatty meat consumption, to refuse fast food, and to increase the consumption of fruits and cereals. Ideally, dietitian should prescribe the principles of weight losing diet. An endocrinologist is also worth visiting, especially for patients with severe obesity.

Fitness is a necessary element of weight loss for men. For women, exercises are also important, but not to such extent. Men have more muscles burning fat and you need to use this ace keeping the muscles constantly training. If the weight is excessive, one should start with physical therapy, walking, swimming. As kilograms begin to disappear a more intensive training in a fitness club is recommended. Chances of men to become slimmer are very good, because their metabolism is more active than women’s one – men produce more enzymes that break down fat. The main thing is to make an effort.

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