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Timothy Bush has more than two decades of combined experience working within the government, managing Training in the National Dam Safety Program, managing public assistance grants, and developing medical skills in our military troops before the deploy.  His 21+ years of experience as a senior enlisted service member and his superior leadership skills give Timothy the experience, knowledge, and network experience and ability to help the U.S. Population in solving problems and maximize opportunities in the public safety and knowledge as too what dangers are in everyday living situations.
Timothy has two degrees, A masters from Grand Canyon University, Phenix. A master's in leadership of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, in 2023. He also received a bachelor's from American Military University, West Virginia. A bachelor's in emergency Disaster management, 2011. Both degrees, Timothy uses daily in delivering world class service in training and educational knowledge to internal and external stakeholders within the community of Dam Safety and the entirety of the emergency management communities throughout the United States and internationally. 
Timothy started his career with FEMA 4+ years ago responding to disasters through Public Assistance as a Disaster Grants Manager, now works with the National Dam Safety Program as a Program Manager as a Training Specialist.  Timothy works to create the training needs of the Dame Safety Community both internal and external. 
A native of Southern California, now living in South New Jersey, Timothy lives with his family in Tabernacle, New Jersey, and loves the Rescue 911 series, Sushi, many types of music, traveling, wood working, and being outdoors.