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Freese & Nichols, Inc.


As a member of FNI’s Water Resources Design Group, I specialize in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for dam, levees, canals, spillways, and related structures for assessments, comprehensive reviews, rehabilitation design, Probable Maximum Flood analyses, breach analyses and levee certifications. H&H modeling abilities include significant experience in HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS, SITES, FLOW3D. My experience in HEC-RAS extends to all components of one-dimensional and two-dimensional flow, steady-state and unsteady flow scenarios, as well as utilizing corresponding GIS applications for model development, consequence assessment, and map production. Applications of these modeling efforts consist of the evaluation of existing dams, analysis of proposed dam modifications, assessment of spillway performance, and design of new dams and reservoirs, as well as flood hazard mapping in large river environments. I've been privileged to share what I've learned by hosting HEC-RAS 2D training seminars throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, and North Carolina - and now with ASDSO!