2019 Webinar: Lessons Learned Regarding Seismic Deformation Analyses of Embankment Dams from Re-Eva

When:  Jul 9, 2019 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM (ET)

This course is intended to provide guidance on the proper selection and installation of waterstops for hydraulic structures. This course will discuss the various types and applications of waterstops and discuss the necessary design constraints such as site constraints, joint types, head pressures, and concrete clearances and cover. The course will emphasize the need for thorough structure detailing to ensure proper clearances and placement location are specified. The use of 3-dimensional modeling techniques will be discussed as a visualization technique to better detail complex joints. Most deficiencies regarding waterstops occur with the installation of the waterstops. Therefore, this course will highlight proper and improper installation placements and welding techniques.  The course will discuss the benefits of using manufacturer welded unions, having properly-trained waterstop installers, input from the waterstop manufacturer, and having trained inspectors.

  1. Importance of proper joint design and waterstop selection, installation, and inspection for concrete water-retaining structures
  2. Waterstop types for concrete structures (e.g. PVC, hydrophilic, retrofits,etc.)
  3. Waterstop selection based on joint type, head pressures, and clearances/cover
  4. Waterstop detailing on construction documents and visualization techniques
  5. Tips for waterstop installation including proper and improper waterstop placement

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