2024 Seepage Through Earth Dams- Virtual

When:  Jun 18, 2024 from 11:00 to 17:00 (ET)
This introductory course is designed to be a participatory, interactive workshop, which will cover the basic elements required to understand and evaluate seepage-related issues for earth dams. The first day begins with providing an understanding of why seepage mechanisms in earth dams are important to dam safety. Information on seepage mechanics, including permeability and erodibility will then be presented. The conclusion of the first day and beginning of the second day will focus on the basic principles and characteristics of seepage related to embankment dams, various modes of seepage, and computational methods for evaluating seepage. The conclusion of the second day and beginning of the third day will focus on methods of investigating, controlling, and remediating dam seepage. Discussions on various case studies will conclude the third day. Hands-on exercises will represent real-world, practical applications pertinent to the attendees. The final half day will include a hands-on, introductory session of the SEEP/W computer program to demonstrate computational analysis of hypothetical seepage scenarios for an embankment dam.

Key takeaways attendees will receive from this course: 

Why understanding seepage mechanisms in earth dams is important to dam safety
Principles and characteristics of seepage related to embankment dams, including review of potential seepage-related failure modes and their common initiators or triggers  
Computational methods for evaluating seepage
Understanding theory, application, and design of filters
Methods of investigating, monitoring, controlling, and remediating seepage problems in existing dams using case histories and hands-on exercises to enforce understanding of practical applications