2024 Inspection & Assessment of Dams- Virtual

When:  Aug 6, 2024 from 10:00 to 17:30 (ET)
This seminar provides comprehensive instruction in inspection and evaluation techniques for dams.  The principles, concepts and procedures taught will be readily adaptable to any organization conducting dam inspections and evaluating their compliance with current design standards.  Participants learn about a variety of dam types and their appurtenances, the function of typical dam features, and common dam failure modes and the conditions that can led to these failure modes.  Actual dam failure cases will be presented.  Public safety, security, and liability will also be discussed along with approaches to responding to dam incidents.  The use of drones, special cameras, GIS and other new technology for use in performing dam inspections and assessments will be presented and demonstrated.

Five takeaways/learning objectives attendees will receive from this course: 
1. Historical perspective of dam construction methods for various dam types
2. Common failure modes associated with various dam types
3. Understanding of standards for maintaining dams
4. Techniques for performing a comprehensive dam inspection
5. Awareness of emerging issues related to inspection and assessment of dams